Baby Bottom Basics

What’s cute, round, and extremely cushy? You guessed it – your baby girls bottom! But along with that adorable little tush lies the potential for the dreaded diaper rash! It’s a nasty rash marked by red blotches, tender skin and a not-so-happy baby. Here’s what to look for and how to keep you daughter’s bum soft and smooth.

What is diaper rash?

Diaper rash usually appears as a red, blotchy skin rash on your baby’s bottom. It can be caused from urine and stool rubbing against your baby’s sensitive skin. The lack of ventilation or air flow caused by a sealed diaper can cause the skin to rub against the diaper as your baby girl moves making the rash worse. Bacteria and yeast invade the damaged skin and the red blotches spread along her little bottom.

What to do if your baby has it:

  • Air it out. Let her have play time ‘diaperless’ as much as you can. Babies typically love being naked, so let her have fun while also helping her bottom. Put a waterproof pad down to deal with those inevitable leaks and spills!
  • Soak her little tushie. Tubby Time! Give your child a few baths a day. Try adding a little baking soda to the warm water. It clears up my girls rashes every time!
  • Bring on the butt cream! Use tons (ok, a fair amount) of it after every diaper change!
  • Change it up. Be sure to change your daughter frequently during the day and after every poop. This will help cut down on bacteria that may make the rash worse. Also try to change her diaper at least 1x at night – even if they are sleeping through the night.
  • Wipe it away. Use a warm wash cloth or unscented wipes to wipe her tush.
  • Let her “go commando.” If possible, let her sleep without a diaper. Use waterproof mattress pads in the crib to make clean-up easy.
  • Watch her diet. Keep them away (if on solids) from foods high in acidity like spinach.
  • See a doctor. If the rash doesn’t seem to clear up, be sure to call your pediatrician or doctor. Most rashes will disappear on their own, but it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor.

How to prevent it:

  • Apply bottom (aka butt) cream or zinc oxide after every change.
  • Use unscented wipes or warm water to wipe her.
  • Try different brands of diapers – some may work better on your little girl than others.