Baby Pink

Teething Troubles.

It’s true…that gummy, toothless smile of hers is adorable! But sooner or later, your little girl will sprout her first tooth. Those pearly whites will usually make their grand appearance around 6 months, but her tiny choppers can pop up anywhere between 3 months and 15 months. When your daughter actually gets her teeth depends …

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Tummy Time Fun

Medical experts recommend that babies receive at least 30 minutes of tummy time a day. This will help your baby strengthen her neck muscles while also reducing the risk of developing a flat spot on her little head. Since doctors now recommend that babies sleep on their backs, tummy time is very important, especially during …

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Daddy Bonding

You’re a modern dad, right? You were there during the pregnancy appointments, through the delivery, and your’re even an expert at changing diapers. But the fact of the matter remains that moms typically still have the upper hand when it comes to bonding. After all, they’ve carried your little girl for 9 months and usually …

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