Bikini Baby

Swimwear, along with everything, seems to be getting skimpier and more revealing. Gone are the days when bathing suits left something to the imagination. The new rule on the beach: Less is more. So, what’s a parent to do when you are shopping with your oh-so-fashion conscious teen and she holds up something that resembles dental floss? Then she says, “Mom, please, please! This would look sooooo good with my tan!” Meanwhile, your thinking, “Tan? No one will be looking at your tan in that!

The flip side of this issue of course is that your daughter may feel self-conscious in a swimsuit. Instead, you may hear,“Oh, my god mom! Look at my fat, pasty butt! I’ll never find anything that looks good on me!”

Thankfully, you can find a compromise between the dental floss bikini and an outdated one-piece moo-moo. The key is to help your daughter determine her body type and work with the curves she’s got. She’ll feel more confident and you’ll be able to relax knowing that the boys won’t get a sneak peak at things that should remain in their dreams!

Help Her Shape Up:

Determine her best shape and Work it!

Most teenage girls are self-conscious, even if they pretend not to be. Helping your daughter discover her best shape can  go a long way toward building her self-esteem and body image.

  • Pear-Shaped – To minimize a thick middle, try a tankini. This takes the focus away from her middle.
  • Full Hips/Bottom – Avoid overemphasizing her hips. Choose a suit with a dark bottom and light top to draw the eye upward.
  • Large Bust – Avoid plunging necklines or push-up swimsuits. Look for suits with a halter style to minimize her bust.
  • Small Bust – Choose a swimsuit that draws the eye away from her chest (this is a good idea in general!). Look for suits that have ruffles or lace options over the chest area. Tankini’s or one-piece suits are especially good for small busted girls.
  • Athletic – Tankinis are perfect for an athletic figure. Try to pick something with ruffles around the bottom. It’ll look cute while enhancing her curves.
  • Hourglass –Hourglass figures can wear just about any kind of suit. But, one suggestion – no ‘thong’ bikinis. They are way too grown up!

Designer Swimsuit vs. Inexpensive.

If your daughter is like most teens, she’ll want a designer swimsuit. Unfortunately they can run you $60 on up. But consider what she will be using the suit for before you agree to a bank-breaking expense. If she is on a swim team or will be wearing the suit numerous times to the beach with her friends, a durable, more expensive swimsuit makes sense. But, if she just plans to lie out in the backyard or wear it a handful of times to the pool, you can go cheaper.

Size Up the Options.

Decide if a bikini, tankini, or one-piece is best for her based on her body type. Pparental judgment and values are very important when making this decision. If your daughter is 13, certain swimsuits may be more appropriate for her than if she’s 17.

Build Her Confidence.

Unfortunately, many girls have issues about putting on a swimsuit. That’s why designers loaded swimsuits with options to make them feel better like extra padding, cups, and selling tops & bottoms separately for the perfect fit (and a higher profit!). But as with most things in life, it’s how she perceives herself and how she feels in it when she’s out in public that’s important. If she feels beautiful and confident, then that’s what she’ll be. Her swimsuit should serve to enhance her self-estem, not detract from it.

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