Car Seat Craziness

If you have a toddler, then you’ve probably already encountered occasional tantrums, opposition, and the dreaded ‘No!’ stage. As a parent, you’ve undoubtedly learned the art of compromise and how to ‘choose your battles’ all in an effort to maintain your sanity – and hers! But, there are some things that are not negotiable like putting your child in a car seat. Try these tips to ensure a fun and safe road trip for you both.

How to Help Your Wiggle Worm:

  • Play that funky music mommy! Get ready to boogie to The Wiggles or Sesame Street Live! Pop in her favorite music CD. Pick one that you both like for long car rides. Once she hears the music, she’ll forget all about being strapped in.
  • Make the car seat fun.  Purchase a car seat tray that attaches to her seat. She can color, play games, and eat on it. She’ll love having her own “private desk” to create things on. Check out One Step Ahead ( for other fun car seat attachments.
  • Bring a furry friend along.  Bring her favorite stuffed animal or blankie.
  • Try some old fashion games.  You know, the ones that were around when we were kids like “I Spy” or “Counting the Cows” (ask her to look out her window – the first one to see cows, horses, or whatever animal you choose wins).
  • Plan for a snack attack. Pack Cheerios, juice boxes, or another manageable snacks for the ride. Toss her a few goldfish crackers to keep her preoccupied.
  • Be a night rider. Travel at night for long car trips when your daughter is more likely to sleep.
  • Make movie magic. Try using a portable DVD player. Throw in her favorite movie and you’ve got a winning combination!
  • Characterize it! If your daughter likes Elmo, then it’s time you liked Elmo too! Bring along her favorite “character” to make the trip more enjoyable. Try character items such as music, DVD’s, crackers, juice, and sippy cups. She’s bound to be impressed when you drop that Elmo knowledge on her!