Clip Tips

Little girls need haircuts – and they need lots of them! Some children love their monthly trip to the salon. Others, however, must be dragged kicking and screaming. So how do you get your daughter to forgo all of the drama? Follow these clip tips for salon success!

Clip Tips:

  • Begin at a young age. Around your daughter’s first birthday is a great time to introduce a professional haircut.  If she begins early then she’ll get used to it.
  •  Make frequent trips to the salon. Most toddlers need their hair trimmed about every 4-5 weeks. Try to take her once a month or so. This will help make going to the salon a fun and familiar experience for her.
  • Try a kid-friendly salon. Many salons cater to young clients by having toys and cartoons available while your child gets their hair cut.
  • Have a relative cut her hair. An aunt, uncle, or yes, even grandma may do the clip! Some children prefer anyone other than mom or dad to cut their hair. 
  • Bring a Buddy. Let her bring a favorite stuffed animal, doll, or other comforting item with her to the salon. You can pretend that “teddy” is going to get a haircut with her.
  • Cut it out. If she won’t sit still, forgo the haircut for a while. Yes, your child may look like a member of the Survivor cast, but sometimes it just isn’t worth the battle. Sooner or later, she’ll want off the island!