If the Shoe Fits…

Your adorable little girl is growing up so fast. She’s just begun walking – and as a result, she has discovered numerous ways to make lots of mischief for her parents! Along with the many adventures that her new-found mobility will bring both of you, your daughter’s going to need some groovy shoes for all of her travels. Follow these tips to ensure that her tootsies get the proper fit.

Shoe Shopping Chic:

Happy Baby, Happy Feet. Try to go shoe shopping when the mall is not crowded and you can take your time. Also make sure your little shopper is well rested and her tummy is full before heading out on your venture.

Sole Searching. Check out the soles of the shoes you wish to purchase. Avoid something that is stiff and unforgiving. Instead, go for a sole that is flexible and has some cushion to it.

Sizing- up Sneakers. Light, breathable sneakers are usually the best way to go. Gone are the days of stiff, white leather baby shoes that were eventually bronzed. Today’s toddlers are all about comfort. So choose something that you would feel comfortable wearing and you’ll both be happy.

Break it in Baby. Let your child try on the shoes you want to buy. Give her a few minutes to toddle around the store. Then, remove the shoes and check her feet for any red spots. This can be a sign that the shoes are a bit tight. Babies don’t typically break-in shoes like adults, so don’t expect that her shoes will loosen-up over time. If you see red marks, your best bet is to go for the next size up.

Velcro vs. Laces. Many parents love the ease of velcro closures. The flip side? Some toddlers learn how to outsmart us by “undoing” the velcro, making it virtually impossible to keep those cool shoes on her feet. Laces are the classic way to go, but be sure that they are long enough to tie in double knots. This will ensure that your baby genius will have no choice but to leave them on.

Don’t Break the Bank. The fact of the matter is that little girls shoes are cute. So cute that parents often feel that their darling girl needs as many pairs as her mommy has stashed in her closet (and ladies, we all know how many pairs that is!). But the reality is that children really only need one good pair of shoes. It’s better to shell out the cash and get one nice pair of Stride Rites as opposed to buying lots of different shoes for her that may look oh-so-fashionable, but don’t fit her feet properly and wear out quickly. So the key is quality, not quantity.