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Work at Home Guilt

Today I want to talk about something every mother knows volumes about. Guilt. Yes, that ugly five letter word that makes us all feel miserable. Every mother feels it at one time or another, whether it’s deciding to work full time and leaving your child in day care or even choosing to take a day …

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To Play or Not to Play

So she wants to play sports and you’re not sure if either of you is up to the task?Call me foolish, but in my earlier, not-so-sane times, I spent 23 years in youth sports.  Yes, I hauled the uniforms, carried the Gatorade, brought in the bandages, and secured the safety pins.  I have coached and …

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Growing Up…Together

As a mother raising a daughter, I’ve often felt a kinship with her similar to two magnets.  In her early years, she laughed and played and enjoyed my company.  That was back in the day when she truly believed I had all of the answers. We were so different, but like two magnets pulling together, …

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