Squirmy Wormy. How to Cut Baby’s Nails?

Most of us dread the thought of having to cut our daughter’s nails. It’s never an easy task given the fact that most babies refuse to cooperate. As soon as our little cuties hit the changing table they become instant acrobats. Who knew that she was capable of all of those squirmy, wiggly, giggly, moves? Thankfully, there are some tricks that can give you the upper hand!

Clues to Clipping Success:

  • Cut her nails while she sleeps. Keep a pair of clippers handy wherever you go – like in the car or by the rocking chair. That way you can clip her nails wherever and whenever she falls asleep.
  • Tackling Toenails. Cut her toenails while she is snacking in the high chair.
  • Gently “peel” her nails. Most newborn’s nails are very flexible and can be gently peeled off. This reduces the risk that you will cut her skin when she wiggles.
  • Use distractions. Try rattles, placing a mobile over her changing table, or enlist the help of another person to distract her if you need to clip while she’s awake.
  • Let there be light! Be sure to clip nails in a well lit place so you can avoid accidents.
  • Ooops! Don’t get too upset if you clip her skin by accident. She may fuss for a minute or two, but she’ll be fine.