Tummy Time Fun

Medical experts recommend that babies receive at least 30 minutes of tummy time a day. This will help your baby strengthen her neck muscles while also reducing the risk of developing a flat spot on her little head. Since doctors now recommend that babies sleep on their backs, tummy time is very important, especially during the early months.

Sounds easy enough, right? Just lay your little girl on a blanket and watch her have fun. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Each baby’s personality is different, and many parents find that their children aren’t big fans of being placed on their tummies. Try these tips to make tummy time fun for both of you.

Tummy Time Fun for Everyone:

Get down momma! Lay on the floor with her and play. Babies love it when you get down “on their eye level.” You can offer her a rattle or just talk with her. Watch how she positively responds to your voice.

Go head-to-head. Encourage her to raise her head by lying down on your stomach so that your heads are across from each other.  Talk, sing, or shake her favorite toy and watch the response. She’ll be raising her head in no time!

Bop it! Some babies enjoy being on their tummies if they can see everything around them. Try placing her tummy on a “boppy” pillow, bed pillow, or rolled-up towel. Allow her arms to hang over the side so she can learn to support herself. But be careful – always stay with your child so she won’t roll over and hurt herself.

Roll with it.  As your daughter gets bigger (3-6 months) you can help encourage her to roll over. Babies vary in when they are ready to roll, but by working with her, she will strengthen the muscles she needs to do so. Try rolling over on the floor to show her how it’s done. Make it a game – it will have both of you giggling.

Yummy tummy. One of the best ways to have fun is to lie on your back and place your daughter directly on your stomach. Not only does this provide great skin to skin contact, but she’ll be delighted to look up and see your face right in front of her! Move your stomach up and down (like a wave) and watch her laugh. Plus your abs (abdominal muscles) will be getting a great workout!